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Our Mission

We are an amateur golf club who want to truly expand the game of golf by paving the way for new demographics and individuals. To do so we plan to knock down many of the assumptions and misconceptions built around the sport that are deeply rooted with its elitist history. Golf should and can be played by anyone, regardless of their background, upbringing and personal appearances. No one should try to be someone they aren’t nor should they act a certain way to be accepted into the world of Golf. As long as you play the game for enjoyment and respect it’s rules, you can play. We want to build the bridge that allows someone who looks like us to just as easily pick up a golf club as they do a basketball or football.

Founding Team

Noe Vital Jr.
CEO & Co-Marketing Lead
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A structured and detailed visionary. Proud Mexican-American who enjoys shoes, games, and has a huge passion in developing startups. A courageous delegator, who recognizes peoples high characteristics.
Melvin Gordon III
Director of Social Media
Kenosha, Wisconsin
A very lively, layered, family oriented guy. He is expressive through his interest in fashion. Melvin is a confident person who stands on the power of hard work, with a wide variety of interests and hobbies he enjoys.
Tanner McEvoy
Director of Sales
New Jersey
A poised and self assured free minded gamer. Has confidence and self awareness to always be himself. A sociable easy going guy that is not flustered by the presence of anyone else.
Darius Hillary
CFO & Co-Marketing Lead
Cincinnati, Ohio
Reserved and buoyant, he is the younger brother of two. Very personable and diverse character, never out of place in any social setting. Never wants to be the center of attention, but the person you want to notice and have a conversation with.
Robert Wheelwright
Director of Content Creation
Columbus, Ohio
The hardy second youngest brother of four. Brings joy and a light to everywhere he goes, without letting anyone around be complacent. He enjoys sports, and having a good time.
Dare Ogunbowale
Director of Brand & Merchandising
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A modest superstar, hardworking underdog that won’t boast. A full-Time Bucks fan full of Milwaukee pride. With a Nigerian born father, he is the middle child of three. A silent fashion connoisseur, presentation is a big part of his character.
Kenzel Doe
Director of Public Relations
Reidsville, North Carolina
An Old soul southern raised guy. Prideful and genuine friend you can trust. Loves to gamble and will bet on himself in anything. Very moral bound and takes honor in having a code. Very light hearted conversational.
Austin Traylor
Director of Operations, Secretary
A stern, Candid, Maverick. Upfront honest person who will be truthful in any situation. The youngest brother of three. Never lets his opinion go unknown, but a genuine and understanding person that prides himself on truth. Transparent.
Hugs Etienne
Head of Production
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
A determined person who believes and loves what he does. Has a creative and artistic eye, and is an amazing videographer and photographer. As the second oldest brother of five, he is a great role model and pushes them to have ambition to do whatever they wish.
Darius Feaster
Community Manager
Milwaukee, WI
A full cup of joy and caffeine, he is always energized and ready to have fun. Very social and gets along with everyone. Also, an athlete and competitor, Darius has a wide range of athletic skill sets.